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Helping Real Estate Professionals build a 6-figure coaching business in less than 120 days.

We build you an automated stream of income using your experience in real estate.

While you may be busy with your real estate project, we know your income takes time and patience. We offer an automated secondary 6 figure income source without unnecessary wait times and reliable monthly reoccurring payments.

Why should you consider business coaching?

Real estate deals take time, patience, large upfront investments and uncertainty of recouping capital. Business coaching takes your knowledge and allows you to give valuable information to the next generation and build a 6 figure stable income stream on autopilot.

What do we mean by autopilot?

Autopilot refers to our trained team of client acquisition specialists who will bring clients who have already paid for your service to you - without you lifting a finger.

Our dedicated sales team will acquire clients for you without the need for paid advertisement.

We create your branding, landing page, and team that will find and secure clients to buy your coaching program.

What if you do not know how to coach?

We provide you 1:1 consultation with a business coaching and brand specialist to create your: offer, course structure, branding, and troubleshooting support - You are never alone with our team!

Book a call today & learn how We will help you by...

• Maximizing your Coaching Offer

• Monetizing your knowledge

• Authority Branding

• 1:1 Consulting

• Automated Client Acquisition

• Copywriting

• Landing Page Creation

How do you get clients for me?

Our acquisition and marketing team will be trained on your unique offer and branding. From there, they find your clients and get them to buy your service for you.

Our trusted method.

What does less than 120 days mean?

This refers to the amount of days it typically takes us to:

  • Train your sales team
  • Properly Brand you
  • Build a landing page
  • Land your first client

How will I be sure I'll be able to get clients?

We work to recoup your initial investment and use our marketing methods to bring you a constant flow of clients.

Our goal is to create a partnership with you - we are only successful together.

What do I have to do?

Once onboarded, we will optimize your brand and consult you on how to coach and maximize your offer. We build your team and get them to work for you.

When a client pays for your service, you will be in charge of coaching them with your wisdom and knowledge.

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We will help you create a 6-figure secondary source of income within 120 days.

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